Vision Conditions


AstigmatismAstigmatism is a common vision condition that causes blurred vision due to either the irregular shape of the cornea, the clear front cover of the eye, or sometimes the curvature of the lens inside the eye. An irregular-shaped cornea or lens prevents light from focusing properly on the retina, the light sensitive surface at the back of the eye. As a result, vision can be blurred at any distance.

Most people have some degree of astigmatism. Slight amounts usually don't adversely affect vision and don't require treatment. However, larger amounts of astigmatism can cause distorted or blurred vision, eye

Astigmatism frequently occurs with other vision conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. Although the specific cause of astigmatism is unknown, it can be hereditary and is usually present from birth. It can change as a child grows and may improve or worsen over time. Depending on the amount of astigmatism present, your optometrist can provide eyeglasses or contact lenses that correct the astigmatism by altering the way light enters your eyes.