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Holdrege Family Vision Clinic launches website with special features for patients

posted on 8/30/2010 by webmaster

 Holdrege Family Vision Clinic has launched a new website with many useful new features for patients. In addition to information about the Holdrege Family Vision staff, services and technology, the new site allows patients, once registered, to request an appointment online.

“People turn to the Internet more and more every day for information,” said Dr. Wayne Quincy. “We wanted to create a Website that quickly tells people who we are and what we can offer in addition to providing extra convenience for our patients.”

Qunicy said that, among other features, the website features an interactive gallery of frame styles available at the clinic.

The new website provides an overview of the vision clinic’s services, including vision and eye health evaluations, emergency eye care, ophthalmological (medical) services, and LASIK referrals and follow-up. It also gives details on some of the technology employed at the practice to evaluate and treat vision conditions, as well as descriptions or common eye conditions. A history of the practice as well as brief biographies of the professional staff is also included.

New patients will be able to download and fill out the Patient Information Form before their first visit, and information on insurance, billing and the clinic’s privacy policy are all online.

“We want to be able to make a good impression online, both for the people who live here, and for people who are new to the area and looking for vision services,” Qunicy said. The site features photos of Holdrege Family Vision Clinic’s staff and offices by Holdrege photographer Dan Christensen. It was written and developed by One Good Adguy LLC of Holdrege in collaboration with Bulldog Graphics LLC.

For more information, visit the new Website at www.holdregevision.com or call them at 308-995-8657.

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